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Jon Sobel, Partner

My drab corporate-style bio is below. But here's my real story – the story of how I came to be the right person to help you tell your story in the most impactful way possible. 

My approach to crafting powerful messages comes from a lifetime of fascination with language. My grandfather, an author of self-help books and memoirs and a book reviewer,  received stacks of books he'd never have time to review, so I became an apprentice reviewer. In high school I wrote songs and scenes for original musicals, and I've never stopped writing songs. In school I also discovered an interest in another kind of writing: computer code.

In high school I got my first paid editing job, smoothing out the language of a physics dissertation by a foreign student with poor English. Then I majored in English at Harvard, studying Beowulf and Chaucer and the works of Shakespeare, Arnold, and Yeats. After college I got a job as a technical writer, creating plain-language documentation for software. I evolved into a coder; then, after working in IT for a number of years, I made the move to the field where my heart and mind had always been: language.

Even while making my living in information technology I was writing for Blogcritics, the online magazine where I later became Culture Editor, then Executive Editor, and finally Publisher. In the decade since becoming a full-time language pro, I've become a sought-after wordsmith for clients in fields that aligned with my own interests – technology companies, musicians and bands, institutes of higher learning – and lots of fields that were new to me, like finance, politics, human resources, furniture dealerships, even a collection agency.

That's why I'm ready to help you tell the world who you are and why your products or services are just what it needs.

Drab Corporate-Style Bio: Jon is Oren Hope's chief writer and editor. Since graduating from Harvard with a degree in English he has amassed over two decades of experience as a language professional, providing marketing, copywriting, and editorial services. Also a freelance writer and journalist, his work has appeared in The Guardian, The New York Post, Classicalite, and Big Think. He is also Co-Publisher and Co-Executive Editor of Blogcritics, the online culture magazine where his column Language Matters in Life and Business appears.

In an earlier life, he ran IT departments for media companies.

Elisa Peimer, Partner

Elisa started her career at Sony Music and has spent over 20 years in digital and traditional marketing, product management, and release planning for record labels, video companies, and individual artists. As a marketing director at Sony Masterworks, Sony Wonder, New Video, and Putumayo World Music, she has overseen the creation of marketing materials, marketing plans, and packaging for a wide array of national brands.

Samples of Our Work


"Oren Hope has been our go-to writing resource for more than five years and always delivers first-rate work. We know we can rely on them to meet deadlines and that the work will be impeccably researched, engaging and well written. They've written everything for us from social media feed to articles to a short booklet for managers, which won an industry award." - Marianne Jacobbi, Senior Editor, Lifeworks

"When we need an artist press release and/or bio turned around quickly, we go directly to Oren Hope.  They're well-written and the final result is even better than what we initially requested!" - Larissa Slezak, Director, Media Relations, Sony Music Masterworks

"Oren Hope has been an enormous help to our campaigns, creating excellent copy for web, email, brochures, Google ads, radio, you name it. We're extremely pleased with their work!" - Maya Yeshurun, StructuredWeb

"Consistently delivered terrific work despite a challenging lack of product details to work from and sooner-than-possible deadlines." - Frank Linkh, Resolution Inc.

"Oren Hope Marketing is a first rate marketing company that I highly recommend. I have hired them to write PR material for a variety of projects and find them to be professional and very reliable. They understand entertainment marketing specifically, which is a huge plus for the work I do. In addition to always making deadlines, they do a great deal of research as well as fact-checking. Their level of professionalism and integrity makes for a great working relationship." - Daniel Azarian, Underdog Entertainment

"Oren Hope did a fantastic job on writing the bio for our artist Cas Haley. Well-written, quickly done; no muss, no fuss. We've used them before and we'll use them again."
- Easy Star Records

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